8 Steps to Protect Your Credit Card.

Credit card is the most widely accepted payment method in the world. On one hand it is convenient and accepted by most places and on the other hand it is the safest way to pay. When using a credit card you are actually using your Banks money and not your own and your personal money stay safe on your account.

Credit cards have become a preferred way of purchasing for many. It is easy to use them anywhere in the world. Along with these benefits, comes the risk that a thief will steal your card or your card information. If that happens, the thief can then charge purchased items to your account.

As part of the second year of the CASHLESS DAY project we present you with eight steps on how to protect your credit card activities abroad.

  1. Keep your credit card private. Do not let anyone see it when you are out in public.
  2. Use your credit card only on verified sites and with creditable sellers. You must be clearly informed about the total price of goods and services you buy, including any charges for delivery or fees for the payment method you use.
  3. Electronic data are stored on a chip or a magnetic stripe to enable payments. This is the safest and most common way of transaction initialization.
  4. If possible, avoid the card number and card validity record on merchant documents.
  5. Reviewing your recent account activity is fundamental to credit card safety. If your credit card issuer offers email or text alerts about unusual activity, sign up to receive them.
  6. Treat your credit card as an important and strong payment tool.
  7. Report lost card and suspected fraud right away.
  8. Most banks offer mobile applications to manage credit card limits and geolocation restrictions. Make sure your Bank is one of them.


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