Cashless Europe? Working together is a key to success.

“If we want a Cashless Europe, countries and regions need to work together, agree on common goals and share their ideas and solutions,” says Geronimo Emili, head of the international network CashlessWay. One of the most famous opponents of cash is coming to Bratislava. Tomorrow, November 8 he will speak at the CASHLESS DAY event. Hi will present an initiative NoCashDay and how Italy struggles with cash. Italy is a country where the word money originated and the first bank was established. As well as Slovakia, it is also a country where there are still more payments made in cash rather than with payment cards.


 Bezhotovostná ekonomika a elektronické platby pomáhajú krajinám na všetkých úrovniach. Zhodujú sa odborníci a inšpiratívni spíkri, ktorí vystúpia na druhom ročníku projektu DEŇ BEZ HOTOVOSTI

Bratislava, November 7 2018 – Despite the easy means of making payments and new technologies society still values cash in its physical form. Why is Europe divided into countries where cash is hardly recognizable and countries where coins and banknotes still prevail? How to definitely end the era of cash? Speakers will answer at the second year of the CASHLESS DAY event organized by a Bank Card Association.

This year’s headliner is Geronimo Emili – He is a man with a vision of cashless Europe who will open a debate on these topics in Bratislava. As he says, to achieve the vision of cashless Europe it is necessary to work together. “We have to pay attention to the cultural barriers that prevent Italy and many other countries from gaining the benefits of switching from cash to digital payments.” According to Geronimo Emili, it is crucial to share experiences which helps countries to implement or improve existing solutions.

Why it is so important to support cashless society? Why demonetization is so important? Digital payments are safer, more convenient and faster for customers, and they are also less expensive than physical money, for traders, banks, and society. The fact is that demonetization helps to solve problems with tax evasion and other criminal activities. Geronimo Emili has started developing his vision of cashless Europe back in 2011. At that time, he launched a project called “Bye Bye Cash” in Italy. Two years later he founded “NoCashTrip” in which he sends out a journalist who travels across Italy and other European countries without any cash. How did it go? What challenges he had to face? Was the payment card enough to survive? Come and ask Geronimo Emili in person on November 8, in Hotel Crowne Plaza in Bratislava. Geronimo Emili is also a head of CashlessWay association which is an international network for digital culture. It is a platform designed to share inspirational ideas, innovations and solutions to accomplish a vision of cashless Europe.

Ministry of finance of the Slovak republic is also aware of the fact that cooperation is essential. Therefore, it launched the Center for Financial Information in February. The idea is to research the environment that has a significant impact on implementing new technologies in the area of financial market and also to identify its needs and improve conditions for FichTechs in Slovakia. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to create a place for closer cooperation and sharing new information, ideas or experiences between the state, market and different interest groups. Is Slovakia ready for FinTechs and inovations? How FinTechs will influence public sector? The head of Banking Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic,Martin Peter will answer these questions on November 8 at the CASHLESS DAY conference.


CASHLESS DAY is a unique project undertaken by a Bank Card Association. Ministry of finance of the Slovak Republic, card companies MasterCard and Visa and also a technological giant Samsung and HN conference (Conferences of the Economy newspapers) are partners of the project.  The Deputy Prime Minister’s Office for Investments and Informatization of the Slovak Republic Richard Ráši has also supported the project. The vision of the CASHLESS DAY PROJECT is to move Slovakia closer to the world payment trends including cashless payments, mobile and safer online transactions. Find more here:

About the Bank Card Association

Bank Card Association was established in January 19, 1994 and it has a long lasting history. It has been on the Slovak market for more than 23 years and It is the only platform that educates people on the subject of payment cards. It also connects banks and non-bank entities with a common goal of cashless payments development. ZBK has stable 20 members – 11 bank and 11 non-bank entities. Please find more information here:



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