Bringing Innovations for a better life

CASHLESS DAY is a unique project undertaken by a nonprofit organization called Bank Card Association (ZBK) that connects more than 20 banks and nonbank entities. It has been on the financial market long enough to gain many experience and credibility to be able to move our country towards development of cashless payments and get closer to other more economically developed western countries.

CASHLESS DAY project has a clear and exciting vision for the future. We want to move Slovakia closer to the world payment trends including cashless payments, mobile and online transactions. The growth of the shadow economy in the world is undeniable. It refers to all business transactions and cash flow that does not occur in the official statistics, it is not taxed, and it does not contribute to the gross domestic product. It also includes cash payments which are still very common in Slovakia. We believe that cashless payments are the right solutions to eliminate untaxed economy.

This year we are launching our first CASHLESS DAY project. We are dedicated to providing world class education for people in using the current payment methods including cards and tools as well as introducing new platforms that are yet waiting for their time to shine in the future of virtual payments.

The event is held under auspices of Deputy Prime Minister’s Office for Investments and Informatization of the Slovak Republic


Thank you for being part of the CASHLESS day event.


Please contact us for further information +421 918 189 520